CORAL RED ( मूंगा )

Moonga stone, also known as Coral stone or Red Coral, is a precious gemstone derived from the skeletons of marine polyps. It’s typically red or reddish-orange in color and is believed to have astrological and healing properties in various cultures, particularly in Vedic astrology. Some common beliefs and properties associated with Moonga stone include:Astrological Significance: In Vedic astrology, Moonga is associated with the planet Mars (Mangal). It is often recommended for individuals with a weak or afflicted Mars in their birth chart to enhance their energy, courage, and vitality.Healing Properties: Moonga stone is believed to have healing properties and can be used to address various health issues, including boosting the immune system, improving blood circulation, and aiding in the treatment of disorders related to the blood.Spiritual and Emotional Benefits: It is thought to help alleviate mental stress and provide emotional balance. Some also use it for meditation and spiritual practices.

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